Dr. Roxanna Sadoughifar

Dr. Roxanna Sadoughifar
University of Rome Guglielmo Marconi Rome – Italy
Advanced Micro Surgery Hair Science Clinic , Teheran – Iran

Author: Roxanna Sadoughifar

Trichotillomania (TTM) is a disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of hair-pulling, affecting a growing and diverse patient population. The behavior is a result of conscious or unconscious stimuli aiming to alleviate stress. TTM can be diagnosed, typically by a Psychiatrist or Dermatologist, with the utilization of various available assessment tools and scales. Although researchers continue to discover new pharmacologic regimens and non-pharmacologic therapies, there is no single, effective, FDA-approved option available for patients. Treatment of TTM with the least occurrence of relapse consists of a combination of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic options and calls for the involvement of a multidisciplinary team along with family members and friends. This review provides an analysis of the current treatment modalities in the management of TTM and highlights the need for further epidemiological, genetic, neuroimaging, and dietary research to better understand the complicated nature of the disorder.

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