Interviu – Prof. univ. dr. Niazi Khusrow

„PDI is a highly educational and a very well planned congress of

international stature”

Interview with Prof. Dr. Niazi Khusrow (Emory University, Atlanta, USA), honorary president of the last six editions:

Not long after, Iași will host one of the most important events in the medical and scientific world. It is about the tenth edition of the Iași Dermatological Spring (PDI), a national event with international participation that has already become a tradition not only for the Romanian medical academic environment, but also for the international one. The reputation of this event has crossed borders, which is why many speakers from abroad wanted to be lecturers, to offer their knowledge without asking for anything in return, enthusiastic about the atmosphere at PDI, where participants left each with information provided for the first time. They came as professors, they were convinced of the quality of this event, which is why they agreed to be part of the trainers, beyond the borders and beyond the European perimeter. I reviewed excerpts from previous editions in an interview with Prof. Dr. Niazi Khusrow (Emory University, Atlanta, USA), honorary president of the last six editions.

– We invite you to a journey into the past, when you received the first invitation to participate in PDI as president of the event. How did you feel? What made you accept the invitation?

– My first invitation to participate in PDI as president of the event made me very humble for the honor extended to me for this outstanding educational congress. I was amazed when I looked at the program that extended for 4 days with intense back to back educational lectures starting from early morning till evening with experts from all over the world. It is a daunting task to plan, design and execute such a large scale meeting and I salute the people and admire their dedication. I accepted the invitation not only to give my lecture but to come and learn from all the other experts taking part in this seminal International Congress.

– You have returned to Iasi many times. What particularly attracted you to PDI? What about the city?

– I have been to Iasi many times in connection with the PDI congress and I am amazed at the hospitality and love of the Romanian people. They leave no stone unturned to make your stay comfortable and they literally rule out the red carpet. Every year I look forward to the invite as I have found PDI is a highly educational and a very well planned congress of international stature. The city of Iasi is an educational Mecca with brilliant scholars advancing the science of medicine at world renowned universities. I have learned how the people of Iasi have played an important role in the history of this region.

– All editions of the PDI were marked by the interdisciplinary nature and the seriousness with which the subjects were treated in plenary. How did you appreciate the scientific level of the papers and the training of the lecturers?

– One of the most important features of PDI is in its ability to have interdisciplinary exchange of viewpoints. Attendees and faculty is able to listen and discuss from experts from different subspecialties of medicine. This is very unique to PDI as most large meetings are unable to do this. The organizers of PDI have amazingly brought in people from different fields of medicine to come under one umbrella and share their knowledge.

– The event in Iasi is, in fact, a school of dermatology in which the lecturers are in dialogue with the lecturers and medical students, the specialists of tomorrow. In your opinion, where do you think the Romanian medical school is as a level of training and how is it viewed internationally?

– The knowledge of the professors and lectures of the Romanian medical schools is top-notch and state of the art. They are at par with any other international top medical school. The students who are attending the medical schools in Romania and especially in Iasi are very fortunate to receive the best medical education. Professor Daciana Branisteanu’s are highly informative dealing with the latest scientific advancements. She single-handedly can energize the whole Congress.

– A large community was created around the PDI, with renowned specialists. How important are such communities and what benefits do they bring to patients? Finally, please send a wish on the occasion of the anniversary edition of PDI.

– Over the years PDI is grown into an in-depth medical Congress pertaining to the largest organ in her body the skin. Attending such Congress gives the attendees an excellent opportunity to know the diseases of this large organ. I congratulate them on their 10th anniversary of pursuing this gigantic task which they have very successfully accomplished despite all challenges. I hope to keep up this Congress and help the medical community to give the best care to our patients.

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