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The Iasi School of Dermatology is reaching the highest level of

excellence in  the international community

Interview with Prof. Dr. Torello Lotti (University of Studies G. Marconi, Rome, Italy and President of World Health Academy Dermatology), honorary president of the last four editions of PDI:

For ten years, PDI has been an open amphitheater for as many doctors as possible. It was the first event that not only inoculated in the Romanian medical community the idea of interdisciplinarity (and not of multidisciplinarity), but also the first event conceived as a succession of courses, workshops and lectures. The extraordinary scientific quality was also ensured by the fluency of the topics presented over the years by well known lecturers. They are not only practitioners, but also impeccable speakers, who can provide accurately high-level information, which is why the conference rooms were too small, including the online edition, when again the visionary spirit of the organizers was evident. I also discussed this issue with Prof. Dr. Torello Lotti (University of Studies Guglielmo Marconi, Rome, Italy), honorary president of the last four editions of PDI.

– We invite you to a journey into the past, when you received the first invitation to participate in PDI as Honorary President of the event. How did you feel? What made you accept the invitation?

– I was very honoured to accept the invitation to participate in PDI as honorary president of the event. First of all, because of relevant personality of the president Professor Daciana Brănișteanu. I felt realy very honoured and I felt that this kind of meeting was going to become a reading meeting in Europe mainly because of its interdisciplinarity activities and this is a very good action from my side and I’m still very happy about this.

– You have returned to Iasi many times. What particularly attracted you to PDI? What about the city?

– City of Iasi is amazing. It is a city beautiful, full of history, full of memories, full of sciences. I returned to Iasi many times and I was attracted to the PDI, to the congress by a very selected participation and by the extremely well organized program and by the progresses in the knowledge which came out of the participation of the meeting.

– You stated that “PDI is a very important event for daily practice, it provides a lot of cutting-edge medical information that helps us find out what we can do for patients, but also for the scientific community.” What news did you bring?

– I allways try to bring what’s really new in dermatology and in medical sciences related to skin health and skin diseases. In general, I bring data about autoimmune disease mainly vitiligo, about new end-emerging fields like microbiota and microbioma and last, my researches, reserches of my team what are about the cytokines, growth factors and vitiligo, and about the cytokines and growth factors being placed in the middle of the new development of dermatology researches.

– You are a globally recognized lecturer. What recommendations would you have for the speakers? What qualities must a good lecturer have? How long does it take to build a reputable reader?

– Well, to be a good speaker can be very easy if you have some qualities which are born with you. In immunology we know the natural killers and there are the natural speakers. In general, speaker must try to put itself in shoes of someone within the audience. People in the audience are attracted by many different things out of the lecture and a good lecturer must concentrate attention on what he or she is going to present. First of all, to change always the tone of the voice, then to select very few issues which are leading elements, and last, to bring some suspanse in the lecture so that people will be able to come back even if they lost attention. How long does it take to be a table reader, well I would say that for some readers it is natural, for others it is a mission impossible and even if it will take their entire life, it will not be enough.

– PDI is the Iasi School of Dermatology that has reached its peak. In your opinion, where do you think the Romanian medical school is, as a level of training and how is it viewed internationally?

– The Iasi School of Dermatology is reaching the highest level of excellence in the international community. And more in general, the Romanian medical school, mainly in the field of dermatology, veneorology, immunology related to the skin are growing and are attracting international attention. I would say that Romania is a new rising star even if compared to what heve been happend under the communist era. Presently, the international reputation of Romanian dermatology, of Romanian medical teachers and medical researchers is extremely high.

– Finally, please send a greeting on the occasion of the anniversary edition of PDI.

– Dear collegues and friends, wellcome to this aniversary edition of the PDI congress. It is for me a great privilege to be here after nine editions and to note and to witness the growing selections of excellent speakers, excellent researchers and over all, recognition of this congress in Europe and around of the world. Thanks to Professor Daciana Brănișteanu and her colleagues in the organizing committee, we are now witnessing a great event which will bring many new reputable readers and will give as a chance to have a very, very high productions of interactive opportunities and advances in dermatology and associated disorders.

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