Prof. Dr. Heim Dominik

Prof.Dr. Heim Dominik
General surgeon and venous specialist at the Venenzentrum in Thun, Switzerland, and the president of the EVF in 2019–2020

Honey and «more than honey» in the treatment of chronic wounds

Author: Dominik Heim

In 2022 I said a few words of the use of honey in the treatment of wounds/ chronic wounds. In a more elaborate way I’ll present the effect and assumed working mechanism of honey and its use in all kind of wounds this year. There is a difference between honey to eat and honey to treat! And if honey is not enough, an alternative is still at hands: the use of bee-venom, administrated by real bee-stings! A technique known for many centuries, nearly forgotten and still very effective with amazing results.

Venoactive drugs/ VAD – when does ist make sense to use them

Author: Dominik Heim

Venoactive drugs have several effects that are beneficial in the treatment of varicose veins – especially in the C6 class (CEAP classification). The knowledge on these medicaments/ drugs is still not well spread and its use in several countries is limited.
What is their role in chronic venous disease/CVD? How do they work? How to choose among the variety of these drugs?
In this talk VAD’s are explained and clinical cases with a successful use are presented. A look into the future will demonstrate their use even to counteract and to treat postthrombotic syndrome/ PTS – VAD: a promise into the future !

Scurt CV

Born in Zürich, Switzerland, 28th August 1949

Graduated at the University of Basel, Switzerland, June 1977

Postgraduate trainings at different institutions in Switzerland and England

Surgeon-in-chief at the Hospital of Frutigen, Switzerland, 1995-2014

Since 1st September 2014
– surgical consultant at the Venous Centre, clinic Hohmad, Thun, CH
– member of the Medical Insurance Competence-team at lexiatrik, Lucerne, CH
– GP at the Medical Center Arosa, CH

Scientific appointments: PD (Privatdozent)/ Lecturer at the University of Basel
Board member of
-Swiss society for phlebology, SGP
-European Venous Forum, EVF
-Swiss Society for Traumatology and Insurance Medicine, SGTV
-European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery, ESTES
-société internationale de traumatologie du ski et médecine des sports d’hiver

Honorary member of:
– Swiss society for surgery, SGC
-Swiss society for general surgery and traumatology, SGACT
-European Society for trauma and emergency Surgery, ESTES

Actual committements: Annual phlebological workshops in Thun, Invited lecturer to phlebological and traumatological congresses, insurance medicine, GP

Married to Simone Heim-Lamezan. Four children: Corsin (34), Mevion (32), Vital (30) and Neira (25). Lives with his family in Frutigen, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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