Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. med. Stanislava Tzaneva

Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. med. Stanislava Tzaneva
Medical University of Vienna University Clinic of Dermatology Austria

Venoactive drugs

Author: Stanislava Tzaneva

Chronic venous disease is one of the most common clinical pictures in the western world. It is a chronically progressive disease, which places a significant burden on the healthcare system through the treatment and care of these patients. The prevalence of varicose veins is less than 10% in people younger than 30 years and over 75% in those over 70 years of age. An increasing prevalence can also be expected in the coming years due to the aging of the population, obesity and lack of exercise.
The venoactive drugs (VAD) can be used at any stage of the chronic venous disease to alleviate the symptoms. They have an anti-oedematous, anti-inflammatory effect and are well tolerated. VAD have two pathophysiological mechanisms of action. On the one hand, they act on the venous wall and venous valves at the macrocirculatory level, improving venous tone, and on the other hand, at the microcirculatory level.
Especially in patients who are in the early stages of the disease the VAD may be the only other suitable form of therapy next to compression. In patients where compression therapy alone has not had a satisfactory effect, is not tolerated or is even contraindicated, VAM should be used in a targeted manner. In advanced stages of the disease, the VAM can be used in conjunction with sclerotherapy, endoluminal procedures and surgery and/or compression.


Position: Head of the Phlebologic-Angiological Unit of the University Clinic of Dermatology Vienna, Austria
Institution: Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Training: Dermatologist, Specialist for venous diseases and vascular medicine
Affiliations: Member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
Member of the Board of the Austrian Society of Phlebology and Dermatological Angiology
Member of Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology
Member of Austrian Society of Dermatosurgery
Member of the Austrian Working Group Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology
Member of the Austrian Working Group Photo Medicine

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