Dr. Sadoughifar Roxanna

Doctor Sadoughifar Roxanna
Advanced Micro Surgery Hair Science Clinic, Teheran, Iran

Tips And Tricks for Hair Transplantation

Many people still recall hair transplant with unnatural looking, pluggy grafts from the past. Even many physicians are not aware of the huge progress that has been made in field over the last 50,60 years. But interestingly these days hair transplants are so natural that one can strongly argue that they can be visually undetectable. For achieving that many factors should be considered. Correct diagnosis is fundamental to a proper treatment plan. These factors are worthy of attention in proper case selection:

Deliberate consultation including dermoscopy (necessary to omit patients with Alopecies that have contraindication for the surgery like Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, Active Scarring Alopecies or Trichotillomania). Scaling, Pustules and Erythema should be investigated.

Determination and classification of present and expected future hair loss pattern.

Assessment of donor area; recognizing the borders of the safe donor area, follicular unit density, hair shaft color, caliber, texture, …

Examination of scalp elasticity; tight scalp will limit the width of excised strip, in this case the number of obtained follicular units would be very low. In patients with excessive laxity, we should rule out Ehlers-Danlos variants.

Recognizing the underlying causes of hair loss, like thyroid disorders, polycystic ovarian disease, child birth, starting or stopping OCP, taking androgenic hormones or supplements and simple process going through menopause.

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University of Rome Guglielmo Marconi Rome – Italy
Advanced Micro Surgery Hair Science Clinic , Teheran – Iran

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