Iasi Dermatological Spring  Dermatology Borderline with Other Specialties 

       Dear colleagues,
       Dear friends of the Iasi Dermatology Spring,

     We are honored and happy to announce that registrations for the Iasi Dermatology Spring (PDI) 2023 are now open!

      In its 12th edition, the Iasi Dermatology Spring has promoted interdisciplinary dermatology since its start in 2012, gaining a position of leadership in the Romanian dermatology landscape due to the originality of its concept and the elitism of its scientific information.

      This year, we invite you to join us at the International Hotel in Iasi, from April 24-28, to discuss the latest and most impactful topics in medical dermatology, dermatoallergology, dermatologic surgery, pediatric dermatology, and dermocosmetology, with renowned national and international lecturers.

      The undeniable elitism of the PDI is the result of the team effort of the conference’s lecturers, who prepare with enthusiasm, dedication, and high professionalism over 100 COURSES, LECTURES, AND WORKSHOPS designed to align Romanian dermatology with international standards.

      Undoubtedly, the key to the PDI’s success is the constructive and harmonious dialogue between participants and lecturers, which guarantees a dynamic transfer of medical experience in both directions, of course, for the benefit of patients.

    The latest achievements of scientific research are disseminated among colleagues in a modern, pleasant, and easily assimilated manner, thanks to the exceptional qualities of the PDI’s established speakers. Thus, continuous medical education among physicians becomes a pleasure and an opportunity to meet friends and mentors, but also to develop new professional collaborations.

     PDI creates an unparalleled stage for dialogue between generations, students, residents, medical specialists, medical assistants, pharmacists, and reputed teachers, both from the “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi and from medical universities across the country, meeting in a working atmosphere, doubled by friendship and mutual respect.
    PDI builds bridges between medical specialties, with patients benefiting from the careful care and performance of interdisciplinary teams.

    Our partners in the pharmaceutical industry bring the results of the latest scientific research in strategic areas of dermatology to the PDI stage, contributing to the continuous progress of dermatology and medicine in general.

    These are just a few arguments why we invite you to mark the PDI on your calendar as a conference to attend in large numbers. We, the organizing committee, promise you an exceptional medical experience, difficult to match!

    With special consideration and friendship,

Daciana Elena Brănişteanu MD, PhD
President PDI
President ADEM

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First deadline for registration: March 5, 2020

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Testimonials PDI

Prof. Dr. Torello Lotti

“My participation in the Iasi Primavera conference is a MUST. This is the main INTERDISCIPLINARY international conference in dermatology in Europe.I’m always suggesting my international colleagues to take part in the Iasi Primavera conference because of the extraordinary scientific programme and of the lovely atmosphere. The reputation of Romanian dermatologists is very high all over the world.”


Dr. Martine Vigan

“Iasi is very nice and historical place, and the theme is “at the border”: so the the conferences have different themes by international specialists and you have always something to learn. It is the the kind of event you are waiting for. PDI are unic, as it is an interdisciplinary international annual event, and its audience and pharmaceutical exposition are growing from one year to the following one. Romania specialists have a good reputation.”


Dr. Riccardo Pampena



“Iasi is an excellent place to host such an important event. The most important strength of the IDP is its interdisciplinary and the involvement of national and international experts. I really appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of this event. Dermatological diseases are indeed frequently not only limited to the skin, but may involve other organs and also represent a sign of a more complex syndrome.”










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